Extend your shop online,
reach more and sell more.


Extend your shop online,
reach more and sell more.

ARAN is a Kuala Lumpur full-service digital agency with expertise across site design and development, digital branding and marketing, working passionately to unlock our clients’ value through technology, extending their style and story through digital design and creativity.

Reach more, sell more

Give access to millions of potential customers worldwide to your products and services with an ecommerce online store. Provide greater customer shopping experience through a carefully curated ecommerce online store UI/UX design.

Reach more customers, sell more and profit more. You’ll get even more than what is expected from us too.

Let us design it for you

Engage and have ARAN curate a profit-making ecommerce online store for you. We’ll design a site that extends your unique brand and style. Carefully┬ácurated to grab your customers’ attention through planned layout, intuitive navigation┬áto provide immersive shopping experiences that will sell everything inside it on its own.

We’ll have it ready for you to start selling and make it a platform for you to grow and scale in the future.

Quintessential tools, features and security

Aside to designing an ecommerce site’s look and feel that customers will love, ARAN develops a fully-integrated ecommerce site plugged with all the essential selling and marketing tools in user-friendly dashboard mode for you as site owner.

From the basics to the epics, ARAN integrates intuitive shopping features to help turn browsers into shoppers. All of our ecommerce design service packages comes with important┬ásecurity features at it’s core to ensure smooth conversions.

Almost everything with big and small

As a professional digital agency, ARAN scope of work covers digital strategy advisory to developing digital platforms with designs that resonates with the intended audience.

We love to work and grow with everyone from any industry and size, be it a startup or a full-blown corporate giant.




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